Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

The biggest energy expenditure for a Warehouse is often from the need to heat or cool a warehouse, depending on the external weather and internal operation.

This also presents the biggest opportunity for Transport and Logistics operators to reduce their energy expenses and emissions. Whether by better insulating the building, or installing a central a/c unit with a flexible control system there are a number of opportunities that can help contribute to reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.


Case Studies


Oxford Cold Storage (2013) Reducing Energy Use in the Cold Storage Industry - A Case Study


Swire Cold Storage (2012) Cool energy savings for cold storage warehouse 


Intelligent Energy Solutions for a Sustainable Future (2014) Refrigeration Controls - Case Study 


FMCG Warehouse / Carbon Clear: Energy Aduti - Case Study


DM Bowman Office and Warehouse: An Energy Efficiency Case Study


Ocip Energy Case Studies: Various Case Studies covering in detail savings from efficient lighting


Philips (2012) Royal Mail's (UK) National Distribution Centre - Case Study covering their adoption of highly energy-efficient LED technology


Ergon Energy (2011) Network Demand Management Case Study - QHealth North Queensland Distribution Centre


Powerstar (2013) Details three case studies from Swire COld Storage, TDG Storage Solutions and Serguro Logistics


E Source Customer Direct: Improving Energy Efficiency in Warehouses