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Eco-driving as a practice is covered extensively by the Sustainable Freight Website. Eco-driving remains one of the best ways to help reduce your emissions and can be relatively cheap to implement. As fuel is one of the major expenses for road transport companies any reduction in fuel consumption would have considerable financial and environmental benefits.

An effective eco-driving program will engage trainees to avoid unnecessary idling, to scan the road ahead to anticipate traffic and to adjust their speed with a mind on their truck’s driving gap with those in front.

While an effective eco-driving program may require little to no expenditure, some organisations may choose to bring in outside consultants or training providers to run the program on their behalf.

Sustainable Freight supports training organisations that offer eco-driving training. The below map details some companies throughout Australia that offer this training. For more information we recommend you get in contact with a registered training organisation in your area.


If you would like to add your organisation to our map we encourage you to contact us here.


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