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Before looking to reduce your energy costs and emissions it is important to be able to estimate your current costs and emissions so to understand the potential energy efficiency opportunities that may apply to your business.

Knowing your current costs, potential energy efficiency opportunities and their associated costs will help a company develop a simple cost-benefit analysis which can highlight your likely savings.

To help companies analyse their fuel and electricity costs, emissions and opportunities Sustainable Freight has developed a series of calculators to help you identify opportunities across a range of sectors.

Further information on using the calculators can be found in our Decision Makers Guide.

Please note: the calcualtors have been developed using figures sourced from or supplied by third parties. Accordingly, SAFC accepts no liability resulting from the accuracy, interpretation, analysis or use of information gathered from the calculators.





Truck Fuel, Emissions and Cost Calculator and Comparison Tool

The Truck Fuel, Emissions & Cost Calculator can be used to calculate the necessary trips, fuel required, emissions produced and fuel costs for a selected truck covering a certain distance needing to carry a certain amount of cargo. Try it here ...


Warehouse Potential Savings and Costs Calculator

Finding out your potential energy savings and associated costs associated with warehouse retrofits has never been so easy. Simply input a few pieces of data and your energy savings and costs will automatically generate which again will allow you to consider the options to reduce your emissions and energy requirments. Try it here ...


Full Supply Chain Emissions Calculator

It may be beneficial for your company to consider your full supply chain to discover where your emissions are produced. While most companies don’t have the luxury of switching the mode their goods are carried on, the following Full Supply Chain Emissions Calculator can allow you to estimate the emissions produced along your full supply chain, and if looking to discover and possibly reduce these emissions you now have an idea of where to start. Try it here ...


Ship Type Carbon Emissions Calculator

This particular calculator allows you to select between 30 different Cargo Ships to calculate the Emissions Produced in moving X amount of Cargo an X amount of Distance. As well as a useful calculation tool - the calculator highlights the Savings in Emissions that can be implemented by utilising Bigger and More Productive Ships where applicable. Try it here ...


Truck Energy Effiency Opportunities Calculator

There are a number of options available to you to increase the energy efficiency of your current fleet. The Truck Energy Efficiency Opportunities Calculator was designed to allow Road Transport operators to start considering these energy efficiency opportunities. Whether considering applying these opportunities to one truck or your entire fleet, the calculator can give you a good indication of the $ amounts involved. Try it here ...


Office Appliance Emissions and Costs Calculators

The appliances you have in your office such as television screens or lighting may be inefficient and costing you more to power than a similar product. Being able to estimate the energy cost of an appliance over a year, understand how much emissions this will produce and being able to compare this to industry leading models is very important for a business looking to reduce their electricity bill and reduce their emissions. This calculator can help a company do exactly this. Try it here...



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