Full Supply Chain Emissions Calculator

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It may be beneficial for your company to consider your full supply chain to discover where your emissions are produced. While most companies don’t have the luxury of switching the mode their goods are carried on, the following Full Supply Chain Emissions Calculator can allow you to estimate the emissions produced along your full supply chain, and if looking to discover and possibly reduce these emissions you now have an idea of where to start.

The calculator was developed using average emission factors for transport modes catalogued by ECTA and CEFIC in their report “Guidelines for Measuring and Managing CO2 emissions from Freight Transport Operations”.

The below calculator allows users to calculate the complete emissions prodced from their supply chain.

Whether trucking a 15 tonne container 1000km or barge transporting a 20 tonne load 300 metres it can all be calculated.



How to use the Calculator

Step 1)    Select your Mode of Transport and enter the distance it must travel via this mode.

               (e.g. 100km via road, then 2000km via rail and finally 5km via road) 

Step 2)    Input your Cargo Weight

Result)   Complete for all your stages and your Total Emissions Produced will show up in Kg as well as your average emissions produced per 1km movement


The Integrated Google Map can be used to calculate distances for travel by road and by air.


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Download the full calculator here



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