Truck Fuel, Emissions and Cost Calculator and Comparison Tool

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The Truck Fuel, Emissions & Cost Calculator can be used to calculate the necessary trips, fuel required, emissions produced and fuel costs for a selected truck covering a certain distance needing to carry a certain amount of cargo.

There are 39 of the most common truck types to choose from with the specific information being sourced from the Australian Trucking Association’s Truck Impact Chart, developed by the ATA and Barkwood Consulting.

 As well as a useful calculation tool - the calculator and comparison tool highlights the savings in cost and emissions that can be implemented by utilising Higher Producitivity Vehicles where applicable.


Fuel, Emissions and Cost will be calculated for a full return trip

(A - B at 100% laden, B - A at 0% laden)


How to use the Calculator

1) Select your Truck Type

2) Input the distance the truck has to cover for a particular task

3) Input the total cargo (in tonnes)



4) Input a comparison truck (this will allow you to visualise the savings one can make by deploying larger and more efficient trucks, where applicable to your business.

5) Calculations and Comparison Graph – shows the necessary trips, fuel required, emissions produced and fuel cost to cover the trip(s). Use with our comparison tool to really start to consider how you can start to save money


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