Warehouse Potential Energy Saving and Costs Calculator

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Sustainable Freight also has you covered if you run a Warehouse or Depot. Finding out your potential energy savings and associated costs has never been so easy. Simply input a few pieces of data and your energy savings and costs will automatically generate which again will allow you to consider the options to reduce your emissions and energy requirements.

The calculator was developed using the latest stats provided by the Federal Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency’s commissioned report "Energy use and energy efficiency opportunity data for commercial sector and small/medium businesses"


How to use the Calculator

1) Simply input the size of your floor space, and input the annual cost of your energy bills. Select your main lighting type from the drop down menu, select if you have Air Compressors or Air Conditioning, and if applicable what percentage of your floor space is serviced by air conditioning.

2) Your estimated saving opportunities and costs will automatically generate (for both Non-Refrigerated and Refrigerated Warehouses).

Again, each listed energy saving potential is a hyperlink to specific case studies on that potential so make sure to check them out.






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Download the Calculator here

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