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EnergyCut's "Your Energy Reduction Plan"

The ‘Energy Reduction Plan’ template allows you to create your own blueprint for reducing energy use and saving money.


Sustainable Logistics

An introduction to the concept and Case Studies from Germany on Sustainable Logistics from Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development


A Case Study Investigation on Purchasing Green Transport and Logistics Services

An academic paper developed by personal from Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, Linköping University, Sweden and University of Naples Federico II, Italy


Environmental sustainability: A new priority for logistics managers

The document aims to provide a broad overview of technical, managerial, economic and policy aspects of green logistics, and as a result to improve understanding of the various problems that have to be overcome in assessing and addressing the environmental consequences of logistical activities.


Energy Efficiency Opportunities: Transport

Developed by the National Framewrk for Energy Efficiency, the document details energy efficiency opportunities throughout the transport and logistics industry.


Measuring and Managing CO2 Emissions of European Chemical Transport

Report prepared by CEFIC outlining carbon measurements of chemical transport, with details on decarbonising measures


Fuel For Thought

Document supported by the Australian Government that identifys potential energy savings in the Australian road and rail sectors.



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Carbon Disclosure Project - Questionnaires -

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an organisation based in the United Kingdom which works with corporations to disclose the greenhouse gas emissions of major corporations. CDP surveys some of the largest companies worldwide including some Australian transport and logistics organisations to rank their contributions in aiming reducing their emissions. The questionaire for 2015 is available in the link to help you identify strategies to help you combat your emissions.


Freight Transport for Development -

The resulting toolkit brings together relevant information, research and examples and makes them accessible to potential users by means of a user-friendly website. The information contained in this toolkit is structured using a simply policy analysis framework.


Energy Efficiency Exchange -

The Energy Efficiency Exchange website (eex.gov.au) supports the implementation of energy efficiency practices within medium and high energy-using companies. It shares best-practice information on energy efficiency, case studies and resource materials from Australia and overseas.


Low Carbon Freight Dividend -

Aims is to develop, disseminate and enhance the utilisation of best practices and innovations in freight transport that contribute to meeting European transport policy objectives with regard to competitiveness and environmental impact.


Best Practise Factory for Freight Transport

The objective of BESTFACT is to develop, disseminate and enhance the utilisation of best practices and innovations in freight transport that contribute to meeting European transport policy objectives with regard to competitiveness and environmental impact


WA Freight Group -

As a provider of transport services, WA Freight Group, has a key focus on reducing carbon emissions and improving energy consumption across its extended transport fleet.


Transport and Environment -

Transport & Environment’s mission is to promote, at EU and global level, a transport policy based on the principles of sustainable development. Transport policy should minimise harmful impacts on the environment and health, maximise efficiency of resources, including energy and land, and guarantee safety and sufficient access for all.


Carbon Neutral Freight (Aus Service) -

Carbon Neutral Freight is committed to implementing practices to support environmental sustainability. We provide service and advice that make your freight transport services as sustainable as possible


The Sustainable Supply Chain Centre – Asia Pacific (SSCCAP)

The SSCCAP is the collaborative vision of the business community and higher education to develop and implement best practice sustainable supply chain solutions in Asia Pacific.


The Green Freight Website

The Green Freight website aims to improve access to information on policies and programs, technologies and logistics, and data relevant to the freight sector, especially for developing countries. By providing a platform for shippers, carriers, logistics providers, government agencies, practitioners and other stakeholders, we hope to encourage debate, sharing of experiences and establishing collaborations. Information on the Green Freight and Logistics website is compiled through CAI-Asia’s green freight projects funded by the Energy Foundation and the World Bank, and with the support from Cascade Sierra Solutions, US EPA and other partners.


World Bank (Green Freight Demonstration Project)

Guangdong Province launched the Green Freight Demonstration Project today to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions of its truck fleets. The US$ 14 million project is a partnership between the Guangdong Government, World Bank and the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The Trade Fair and workshop were organized by the Guangdong Department of Transport together with the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) ,with the support from the Chinese Ministry of Transport, World Bank and GEF. 


SLoCaT Partnership on Sustainable Transport (SLoCaT)

The SLoCaT Partnership on Sustainable Transport (SLoCaT)  is a multi-stakeholder partnership of over 80 organizations (representing UN organizations, Multilateral and Bilateral development organizations, NGOs and Foundations, Academe and the Business Sector). SLoCaT promotes the integration on sustainable transport in global policies on sustainable development and climate change.


OECD's International Transport Forum

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) International Transport Forum (ITF) report titled “Moving Freight with Better Trucks: Improving Safety, Productivity and Sustainability", identifies potential improvements in the regulation, enforcement, efficiency and productivity of trucking.


CAI-Asia Green Trucks Toolkit

The tooklit can be used to estimate carbon dioxide and air pollutant emissions from fleets, and determine fleet efficiency indicators, such as emissions per ton-km and fuel consumed per ton-km. The tool also evaluates various improvement strategies and technologies ranging from eco-driving, idling reduction, low-rolling resistance tires and emission control devices.  


UN-ESCAP Transport Facilitation and Logistics Section

UN-ESCAP Transport Facilitation and Logistics Section seeks to assist member countries in the Asian Pacific region to integrate all modes of transport, adopt effective multimodal and logistics solutions, overcome non-physical bottlenecks, harmonize legal regimes relating to facilitation and strengthen human resources and institutional capacities. UN-ESCAP Expert Group Meeting on Sustainable Transport Development: Eco-efficiency in Freight Transportation and Logistics . Contains presentations by UN-ECSAP, CAI-Asia, country presentations as well as private sector presentations


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DIY Benchmarking


Tomkins Supply Chain Consortium

Create your own Benchmarking and Best Practice Scorecard. Benchmarking & Best Practices Scorecards provide you with a summary report detailing the most important aspects of your supply chain.  The Scorecard rates and compares your responses to your peers with your quartile and percentile ranking.



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