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Sustainable Freight has developed some Pocket Guides for you to print and have easily accesible information on reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.


Sustainable Freight has designed our Performing an Enviornment Benchmark into a Pocket Guide format for your convenience. To download the pocket guide click here.



There are a variety of tools available to help individuals and companies in their efforts to reduce their environmental impacts and transition to smart energy practises. Sustainable Freight's Tool Kit document details some of these tools. To download Sustainable Freight's Tool Kit click here.


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Additional Resources


Sustainable Freight has also catalogued a number of pocket guides and resources to assit you in reducing your emissions.

To access the guide click on the link.


Fuel Saving Tips - Freight Best Practise

From the UK's Department of Transport


Pocket Guide to Transportation 2015

Released by the United States Department of Transport. Includes handy tips on Performance, Economy, Safety and Envornment


The Automobile Industry Pocket Guide 2014-2015

Includes information on Driving Sustainably. From the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.


Aecom (UK) Freight Best Practice Program

Manages the UK Department for Transport's Freight Best Practice Program. Link contains range of free resources available to T&L operators, including pocket guides for drivers.


"Are alternative fuelled vehicles right for us" 

Guides developed by Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme. Note: You must first regsiter with FORS to access the materials.


The Fuel Efficient Truck Drivers' Handbook

From the UK's Department of Transport


The 20 Step Guide to Cutting Energy Bills in Your Business.

A comprehensive guidebook developed by EnergyCut covering 20 identified steps to reduce your businesses energy intensity and emissions. Includes information on how to add up your energy costs and information on how to negotiate a better energy deal.


Energy Management Guide for Tenants

A guide developed by Nambers with details on how to reduce the enrgy consupmtion of your businesses leased office. Includes details on developing a business case for energy management and benchmarking energy use.


Logistics Best Practice Guide

Developed by the European Organisation for Forwarding and Logistics. The comprehensive guide includes implements to operate under best practice in logistics in order to save energy and reduce the enviornmental impact of logistucs.



How to Develop a Green Freight Program: A Comprehensive Guide and Resource Manual

The manual covers many topics in addressing how to reduce your emissions, including how to create, launch and implement carbon reduction programs.



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