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The Sustainable Freight website has developed a number of resources to help the transport and logistics industry lower their emissions. By utilising these resources you can help your business cut its greenhouse gas emission outputs but also save money through being more efficient.

From discovering the opportunities, to calculating your emissions, to designing green options to implement these strategies Sustainable Freight has you covered. To lower your company's emissions Sustainable Freight suggests you utilise the Sustainable Freight Overview document as a guide in developing improvements to the energy efficiency of your company from design through to implementation.


Download the Sustainable Freight Overview PDF here


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For our other 'How to Documents' click on the link


Decision Makers Guide


How to Perform an Enviornmental Benchmark


Emissions Reductions on a Modest Budget




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These reports have been prepared based on information sourced from or supplied by third parties. Accordingly, SAFC accepts no liability resulting from the accuracy, interpretation, analysis or use of information provided in this report. It is important to understand that much of the information gathered is anecdotal or based on information provided by or sourced from third parties and as such has not been corroborated. In addition the inclusion of information on products and services in the report are intended to inform the reader and does not imply or mean that the South Australian Freight Council, nor its members, endorses them.


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